Advanced Diploma WHS

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Advanced Diploma Work Health and Safety (BSB60615)

This Qualification is no longer offered

Enrolments Closed

Do you have extensive professional experience in OHS/ WHS?


Our BSB60615 Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety qualification aims to give students the underpinning knowledge required to apply advanced practical knowledge to coordinate, facilitate and maintain the Work Health and Safety (WHS) program in one or more fields of work in an organisation, such as a WHS practitioner or HR practitioner.


This qualification is particularly suitable for people working in a work health and safety (WHS) role that lead and have the responsibility to manage and design the health and safety requirements for the organisation. They will provide leadership and guidance to others and have responsibility for the output of others. They may also work under the guidance of an occupational health and safety professional.

Key Points:
  • Offered via RPL only. Students must have suitable experience working in a Health and Safety environment
  • 8 units - 5 Core units + 3 electives. Choice is important, so we offer a range of electives.
  • Payment Plans are available, but conditions do apply.
  • Nationally Recognised Training. Nationally Recognised Qualification.
  • RPL pricing starts from $995 for our RPL Basic option
Enrolment Options
This Qualification is no longer offered

Enrolments Closed
Course Code and Description

Qualification Name: Advanced Diploma Work Health and Safety
Qualification Code: BSB60615
Easy HR RTO Number: 91334

Career Pathways

    The Advanced Diploma of WHS is designed to suit those in a specific Occupational / Work Health and Safety (OHS / WHS) role at a senior level.

    The course reflects the role of individuals who analyse, design and execute judgements using wide-ranging technical, creative, conceptual or managerial competencies.

    Their knowledge base may be specialised or broad, and they are often accountable for group health and safety outcomes.


Units and Electives
    Advanced Diploma WHS (BSB60615)

    * You must complete a total of 8 units
    * There are 5 Compulsory (Core) units
    * You must select 3 electives
    * At least 1 Elective must be from the list below
    * up to 2 electives may be from any other training package at Advanced Diploma level.
    * 1 elective (if not listed) may be from a diploma level Qualification.

    CORE Units
    BSBWHS601 Apply legislative frameworks for WHS
    BSBWHS602 Facilitate WHS activities
    BSBWHS603 Implement WHS risk management
    BSBWHS604 Evaluate the WHS performance of organisations
    BSBWHS605 Develop, implement and maintain WHS management systems

    BSBPMG522 Undertake project work
    BSBWHS606 Conduct a WHS audit
    BSBWHS607 Apply ergonomics to manage WHS risks
    BSBWHS608 Assist with applying occupational hygiene to manage WHS risks
    BSBWHS609 Advise on the application of safe design principles to control WHS risks


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