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For Office Workers

Ergonomics For Office Workers

Ergonomics is the science that looks at how people interact with their work environment, and seeks to optimise their health and wellbeing for the purpose of preventing injury and increasing productivity. The goal is to design a workplace that works with the natural law of the human body, in order to increase the comfort, safety and efficiency of your workforce. Implementing ergonomic solutions can make employees more comfortable and increase productivity. Our ergonomics training is designed to help workers understand the importance of correct ergonomics in the prevention of injury and enable them to apply ergonomic principles in the set-up and maintenance of their workstation. Workplaces that understand the importance of effective ergonomics, usually experience an overall increase in morale and productivity, decreased absenteeism, and increased savings. Our Office ergonomics training aims to share key concepts, to ensure the health and safety of those who work at a desk.

Training Resources

Ask us about the vertebral simulator that we use to demonstrate spine and disc movements. These simulators have been sourced from overseas and are used so that Easy HR course participants are able to visually understand and view the physiology of the spine, as well as common manual handling injuries. The manual handling simulators allow course participants to feel and touch a simulation of the vertebra and discs. This facilitates more effective learning and recall.

Course Topics:
  • Relevant WHS Legislation
  • General Risk Management Principles
  • The Body and Biomechanics
  • Workstation hazards and set up
  • Work fitness and pause stretch exercises
  • Correct lifting and carrying principles
  • Questions and Answers

Quick Facts:
  • Delivery Options: This course can be delivered in your workplace
  • Certification: All participants receive a certificate of attendance
  • Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites or assumed knowledge
  • Course Duration: 30-45 minutes
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