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27/09/21  - How to copy text from online learner guide

OPTION 1If you use Chrome as your browser, the add in COPYFISH does a pretty good job at Copying text.https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/copyfish-%F0%9F%90%9F-free-ocr-soft/eenjdnjldapjajjofmldgmkjaienebbj?hl=enYou may need to reboot after installing for this to work as expected.OPTION 2Alternatively if you have a screen shot of your data this website is pretty effective.http://www.structurise.com/screenshot-ocr/LIGHTSHOT is a free and easy to use application to get screenshots easily.https://app.prntscr.com/

25/08/2021 - Completed Assignments have moved

A recent update removed completed enrolments from the dashboard. This change allows learners to see the enrolments they are working on without the clutter of their completed enrolments being present. Students can now simply use the 'Click here to access Finalised Enrolments' link on their Dashboard to access all of their completed enrolments.More information can be download here:https://www.easyhr.edu.au/docs/learner-access-to-finalised-enrolments.pdf