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Manual Handling For Construction

Manual handling is a practice that occurs on most work sites and especially so in the construction industry.

Poor manual handling is one of the most common hazards that construction workers are confronted with.

While no site is free from the hazards of manual handling, by knowing how to minimise the risks of manual handling workers can reduce its harmful effect on the body.

Not much attention is given to this type of hazard because it seldom kills or disfigures anyone, but the injuries that occur, although invisible, are often disabling, long term and very costly.

This short, practical Manual Handling Awareness course has been designed specifically for the construction industry, where poor manual handling techniques contribute significantly to serious workers compensation claims.

Training Resources

Ask us about the vertebral simulator that we use to demonstrate spine and disc movements. These simulators have been sourced from overseas and are used so that Easy HR course participants are able to visually understand and view the physiology of the spine, as well as common manual handling injuries. The manual handling simulators allow course participants to feel and touch a simulation of the vertebra and discs. This facilitates more effective learning and recall.

Course Topics:
  • Manual Handling legislative overview
  • The Body & Biomechanics - How The Spine Works.
  • What causes manual handling injuries in the construction industry
  • How to prevent manual handling injuries
  • General Risk Management Principles
  • Correct lifting and carrying principles
  • Practical demonstration of safe manual handling techniques
  • Questions and Answers

Quick Facts:
  • Delivery Options: This course can be delivered in your workplace
  • Certification: All participants receive a certificate of attendance
  • Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites or assumed knowledge
  • Course Duration: 60-90 minutes
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