Fire Extinguisher Training

Onsite in Your Workplace

Fire Extinguisher Training

If your team know how to extinguish small, uncomplicated fires in the early stages, they can save lives and prevent potential damage to your workplace.

Obviously they should never put themselves at risk and making an assessment of the situation is part of the Fire Extinguisher Training Course.

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of fire and associated dangers. It identifies various types of fires, the relevant type of equipment to use on each and the practical operation and application of the various types of firefighting equipment installed in your premises.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to identify the correct fire extinguisher to use on a particular class of fire and be able to correctly extinguish a fire using the appropriate technique for that class of fire.

Course Topics:
  • Define the types of workplace fires.
  • Identify the types of extinguishers and hose reels installed in the workplace.
  • Describe safe working practices in relation to fire prevention.
  • Identify the limitations of first attack firefighting equipment.
  • Define the application techniques for hose reels, fire blankets and fire extinguishers.
  • Identify the specific dangers associated with first attack firefighting.
  • Identify the specific dangers of fire and smoke.
  • Implement after use requirements.
  • Instruction and use of fire extinguishers on various types of fires.
  • Instruction and operation of fire hose reels and fire blankets on fires where applicable.

Quick Facts:
  • Delivery Options: This course can be delivered in your workplace
  • Certification: All participants receive a certificate of attendance
  • Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites or assumed knowledge
  • Course Duration: 60-90 minutes

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