Asbestos Awareness Training

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Asbestos Awareness Training

Where asbestos containing materials (ACM) is identified or suspected in the workplace asbestos awareness training is required to inform managers, persons in control of the workplace, trades people and workers of the health and safety risks associated with asbestos and the ways in which to avoid disturbance of the ACM and subsequent exposure to asbestos fibres.

Most people are emotive about asbestos and fail to understand that asbestos becomes a risk to health when asbestos fibres become airborne and then inhaled. The Easy HR asbestos awareness training course is aimed to assist property managers, employees and contractors to understand their duties and where there is cause for concern.

This course is not Asbestos Awareness 10314 NAT required by the ACT government, however it meets Asbestos Awareness training requirements in other states.

Course Topics:
  • Historical uses and potential sources of asbestos in the workplace with examples of typical ACM found in buildings
  • Human health risks from exposure to asbestos fibre
  • Legal obligations under asbestos legislation and asbestos codes of practice
  • Methods of asbestos identification, risk assessment and controls
  • The asbestos register and asbestos management plan
  • Working safely in areas where asbestos containing materials are present
  • Information on health and safety requirements for working with asbestos
  • Control measures required for the safe removal of asbestos
  • Emergency procedures - Dealing with Asbestos incidents.

Quick Facts:
  • Delivery Options: This course can be delivered in your workplace
  • Certification: All participants receive a certificate of attendance
  • Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites or assumed knowledge
  • Course Duration: 60-90 minutes

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