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Easy HR Consulting

Easy HR is a client focused consultancy which supports businesses of all sizes to comply with their WHS and HR responsibilities. Our mission is to work with businesses to build a safe workplace together. Easy HR specialises in providing quality, expert advice, services and support to small and medium sized businesses. By engaging us, you get a dedicated WHS/HR Consultant for your business - only when you need one. Although there are no retainers, but we are still only a phone call away.

Based in Sydney, we are happy to travel throughout NSW.

Whether it is for an upcoming audit or you are unsure how to meet the requirements of the legislation, Easy HR can assist you by providing practical advice. We will guide you through legal compliance, strategic planning and people management issues. Our level of involvement can vary according to your requirements - whether it is simply a report you are after, or somone to manage and lead a project to completion.

Failure to strictly adhere to various laws and regulations can lead to significant penalties for your place of business. Workplace safety is something thatís taken very serously, so if youíre not 100% sure youíre compliant, our WHS consulting services are what you need.

Workplace investigations can often be complex and difficult to manage within any organisation. Without the correct skills set, you may not get the right results. We can also assist with grievance management, accident investigation, staff performance issues and other Human Resource functions.

Please contact us so that we can arrange an obligation free discussion.

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