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Manage Contractors (BSBWHS408)

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Manage Contractors (BSBWHS408)

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The Manage Contractors (BSBWHS408) is a nationally recognised qualification.

COVID-19 Payment Plan

As a result of COVID-19 we are offering new students a unit by unit pay as you go payment option.
This option permits you to pay upfront for 1 unit at a time.
This option is in addition to the standard upfront payment plans listed below, or our Monthly payment plans.

* New Students may choose the pay as you go payment plan, or one of our standard plans below.
* This option is only available for students selecting online study.

* $250 enrolment fee which includes 1 unit.
* $150 for each subsequent unit.
* The fee is the same across all Qualifications, irrespective of the number of units within that Qualification.

You can Enrol with this plan here.
You will receive an email asking you which course and units you wish to enrol in.
Do not use the the Standard Enrol now buttons below.

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Learner Guide:
Online Only

Online Only

Learner Guide:
Workbook Only

Workbook or Online


100% ONLINE:
The online learner guide cannot be printed.

Your printed learner guides will be posted to you.

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

If you have selected workbooks, the workbooks become your learner guide. You will not have access to the online learner guides.


ONLINE - You will need to type your answers into the online portal.

Answers can be saved, so you can complete the assignments over time.

Either clearly hand written in the workbook or typed in a Word document with question reference numbers.

You can be provided with access to the online assessment portal.

There is no fee for access to the online assessment portal, but you MUST request this option within 1 month of your enrolment.

Instant Access
To Learner Guide

YES - Usually within 24-48 hours once payment has been processed.

NO - Printed materials take a little longer to print and post.

Instant Access
To Assessments

YES - Usually within 24-48 hours once payment has been processed.

NO - Access to online assessments can only be provided once your workbooks have been ordered. Please allow 5-7 days from submission of your workbook order.

Access is only provided if access to the online assessment portal has been requested as part of your workbook order.


Recommended if you want to get started straight away!

In most cases you have access to the materials within 1 working day.

You get to keep the printed learning material once your course is complete but you still have the convenience of entering your answers online.

Recommended for areas that have slow Internet, or limited data allowances.

You can study the course completely offline if you choose.

Can I Change my package after enrolment?

There will be an additional fee of $250 if you subsequently decide you wish to SWAP to workbooks.

If you SWAP to workbooks, you will no longer have access to the online learner guides, although you will still be eligible for access to the online assessment portal.

This fee MAY be reduced if your change is requested within 5 days of enrolment and if you have not started any online assignments.

There will be an additional fee of $250 if you decide you no longer need workbooks, and would prefer to study online.

You will continue to have access to the workbooks, if they have have already been ordered.

This fee MAY be reduced if we have not yet arranged delivery of your workbooks.


Can I view a Sample

Student user guides are available online in the form of animated guides.

The contents of these examples may not be aligned to this course, but it will give you a good indication of how the portal works.


A sample workbook is available online.

The contents of this sample workbook may not align to this course, but it will give you a good indication of what to expect from your printed materials.



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